Who we are:
The staff of ABSee-Laser consists of highly skilled diploma engineers and physicists. As our origin is R&D of optics, lasers and optical setups, we can simply understand how machines like KLA SP1 or SP2 work. As a result we can make our own parts, write custom-made training classes and we are able to build our own tooling to fix problems where Ex-OEM engineers just give up.

Our strategy:
Our believe is, that a good service strategy is based on a strong cooperation with the customer. Knowledge transfer, training and our tooling together with the spare parts that we provide will help to achieve a costs-down and knowledge-up at the same time.

Our parts:
We are recognized by our worldwide customers for our high quality SP1 and SP2 optics "made in Germany" and in particular for our full optics and laser capabilities regarding KLA SP2. We run our own cleanroom lab where we produce all optics and where we work on lasers. A lot of effort was made to ensure our optics and lasers reach and exceed OEM quality. All outgoing parts get carefully measured and inspected before they get packaged. Most of our parts have 1 year warranty terms, especially also when installed by end-users. From 2010 when we started SP2 parts, till now, we are still the only source worldwide for new second source SP2 optics. The most parts we offer are available "from stock", also in quantities.

Our service:
We offer full service capabilities for SP1 and SP2. This includes – but is not limited to - PM, laser exchange, optics exchange and full optical path re-alignment. Health checks, audits and diagnosis of your tools will help you to find out and monitor your tool status.

Our training classes:
To transfer our knowledge to you, we custom-make training classes according to your needs. A full documentation - written by us - comes with each class. There are no student number limitations and there is no limitation on questions that you might have during training classes. A variety of toolkits for SP1 and SP2 is available for purcase.

Your gain:
Our knowledge and parts will bring you a effective longterm solution for your SP1 and SP2. Not only your costs will go down and your knowledge will grow, but also the quality and reliability of your tools will improve.

Used and new lasers, laser repair and refurbishment --- parts, optics, service and training for metrology machines --- used equipment purchase and stock sales --- research and technological development.

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