We offer a large number of used and new accessories from stock. The variety includes green laser pointers, cleaning supplies, safety goggles and optics for lasers.

The here listed items represent only a small choice of our current stock.

If you have any questions about the listed items or if you are looking for a different, not-listed accessory, feel free to contact us at
  • LASERVISION L-06K Diode, Filter T23 10 - LASERVISION L-06K Diode, Filter T23

    Laser Safety Goggle by Laservision, Part number 01.8T0.023.00, Filter type T23, VLT: approx. 62%, Color: light blue / transparent, OD3+ at 730-850nm, OD4+ at 745-845nm /// D 750-840 L6 RH DIN CE S, I 750-840 L7 RH DIN CE S , M 795-805 L9 RH DIN CE , DI >840-850 L4 RH DIN CE S /// D 750-840 L6 RH DIN S, I 750-840 L7 RH DIN S, DI >840-850 L4 RH DIN S.

    Datasheet : -
  • GLENDALE LOTG-HENE Helium Neon / Diode 11 - GLENDALE LOTG-HENE Helium Neon / Diode

    Laser Safety goggle LOTG-HENE by Glendale / DVO UVEX, OD 1-2 at 633nm, OD 4-5 at 670 - 680nm, OD 5 at 10600nm, OD 7 at 190 - 380nm.

    Datasheet : -
  • GLENDALE 3901 Laser Gard - Green CO2 - LGW Wraparound 50 - GLENDALE 3901 Laser Gard - Green CO2 - LGW Wraparound

    Laser Safety Goggle 3981 by Glendale, Green CO2, LGW One Piece Wraparound, 190 - 420 nm OD>9, 800 - 1800 nm OD>2, 5000 - 11000 nm OD>7, Accessories: Plastic Lens Cleaner.

    Datasheet : -

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